I got a call form an old friend, Pete Adams about coming down to Ritz rehearsal studio’s to play through a few tunes with Yusuf. He had just started to come back to music after a long time away and wanted to see if he enjoyed playing with a band. Myself, Ian Thomas, Pete Adams and John Themis played some of the tunes from his come back album ‘Another Cup’. They had all played on the album, I had to quickly write some charts out in a little anti room. We had a lot of fun playing these great songs and little gigs started appearing. I say little, the nobel peace price gig was huge and live tv! We went to the US for a gig and had single gigs here and there and then a world tour came up. It was a joy to be around Yusuf, it was all about the music and he’d listen to any ideas you had and try them. We were rehearsing ‘wild world’ and it just felt right to me to have a break down towards the end over the chorus. So we tried it on a gig and it was amazing, huge arenas clapping and singing along, then we’d kick in for the last time. One of the most enjoyable gigs of my career. I gig went away when I had a clash of dates with another tour. It was a shame but that’s the way it goes. I still talk to Yusuf now and again through my mate and his side man for 50 years the great Alun Davies. When my mother died Yusuf sent me a lovely note that I cherish.