I first worked with Freddie on a charity gig at the Dominion theatre singing a few songs from the musical ‘Time’. Which was written by Mike Moran and Dave Clark, that reminds me, I played on a couple of tracks for the DC5, I forgot! Mike also worked with Freddie, writing ‘Barcelona’ album. I had worked with Mike on many session and TV shows. As well as a great player he was the producer and we also went on a few summer holidays together in Ibiza. Anyway, Freddie was debuting ‘Barcelona’ in Barcelona, something to do with the Olympics as I remember and Mike asked me to play in Fred’s band. We spent a week there and had a great time, I have some great stories which I’ll keep to my self.


When Fred wanted to record ‘the great pretender’, Mike called me and asked me to do the session but I was too busy! Can you believe it! Ho hum, not often you regret being too busy.