George Martin, Album In My Life. The Beatles were and will always be my first musical love. My mum sang me to sleep to ‘she loves you’. I had all the original mono records and read the album covers front to back while I listened to the music. I never thought I’d get to work with George Martin, I was I awe of him. I ended up doing many session for the great man, some of which you can read about as you read through my artiste list. Here is one memory that doesn’t feature to highly. We were working on something in studio 2 Abbey Road, George always preferred the rhythm section played live whenever possible. We’d do a take go upstairs and have a listen and if everyone was happy that was that. On this track we went up to check it out, everyone loved it but I needed to make a repair in two places so I asked to do it all again. I went down and George said could I put a little more top end on, I turned the treble nob up, “a little more” said George, I turned it up some more, “can you give us some more”, now, I was tired, a little embarrassed as the whole control room was full of the band and execs and I didn’t react well as I’d turned the treble up full. “It is a f…ing bass George” I said, somewhat put out, also I had nowhere else I could go with the treble nob. “don’t worry” said this cool gentleman that I didn’t deserve to be in the same room as. At the end of the session I realize that it was a active bass and I didn’t have the switch turned on so the treble nob wasn’t doing anything. Indeed, it wasn’t the only nob not doing anything. Sorry George.