I first met Josh on a world tour I did for Sarah Brightman. It was his first ever pro gig after being signed by David Foster. He was a young man, very shy, very funny and sang one song with Sarah. He was supposed to travel with Sarah but she preferred her privacy on her bus so Josh came on the band bus where he was treated like any first time touring member of a band. He survived well and went on to great things.


Some years later I was on a session at strongroom studio and came out for some air in a break to find Ianto Thomas, a very old mate walking past. “what are you doing here” I asked “some American Kid’s album for Marius, come and say hello to Marius” I hadn’t met Marius before and didn’t want to get in the way of a session, also I’m shy. I went in and met Maruis, heard a bit of the album and it was Josh singing. I figured Josh was in the states as the studio is really small. “he’ll be back in a minute he’s gone to the shops to get some milk”. I couldn’t wait as I was back on my own session but as I left I bumped into Josh, we hugged and said I have to go, how long you hear for, he said just today, we said goodbye and across the courtyard he said “will you play on my album” “sure” I called back, not expecting anything to happen. Anyway, Marius, who I’d never met until that day, called a few days later and I played on Josh’s Awake album. Small world.


Later that year I got a call from Josh’s manager to ask if I could be in Atlanta on Monday to join his world tour, it was Friday night. I really wanted to go but I’d have months of work to get out of so regretfully had to say no.  Somew more years later, Josh got in touch with me through facebook asking for my contact details, his manager is going to call. His bass player had visa problems and Josh was headlining proms in the park, so I went along and played with his band. It was really emotional for me seeing how he’s grown as a performer and artiste, and more importantly hasn’t changed.