The name sends chills, but that’s my problem. I’ve been asked to do  “master classes” on many occasions and refused as I didn’t think I had anything to say. Also have never thought of myself as a “master”. Having said that I said yes once and nervously turned up to one of these schools that are around these days and really enjoyed it.


It seems students want to know what it’s really like turning up to a studio for work not knowing what you’re going to play, who with, be it an orchestra or just you and a producer etc. This information I have.


I was there for a day and did 3 of these each getting fuller as the day went on. The students seem to enjoy it and the fact I’m not a public speaker in any way didn’t seem to stop the fact that we were all musicians just talking, asking questions and learning from each other. I’ve also done a few of these with me very old and dear friend Steve Pearce and these are fun.


So I’m up for it.