I’ve worked with Robbie a few times, but only met him once, mainly my own choosing as I’m not keen in getting caught up in other peoples bubbles, I’m shy. The first occasion was a live Top Of The Pops, which was a huge music TV show some years ago, ask your granny. My old mate Steve Sidwell had just co produced his ‘swing when your winning’ album and they released ‘something stupid’ as the single, a duet with Nicole Kidman. It went to number 1 for a few weeks including the Christmas period and he sang it live with Nicole’s part on video. If you Google it you’ll see me with my illumines pink G&L custom bass with my head stuck in the chart, I might even be wearing a pair of fingerless gloves, don’t ask! Anyway, Guy Chambers was in the band with Rob and a little while later gave me a call to do a session. Since then and to the current day I’ve worked for Guy many times. However, None of songs appear on any of Robbie’s albums. Although I’m told that one of the tracks will be appearing later this year, we shall see.